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  1.  1.   Each contestant must be legally admitted into the host establishment.

  2. Each contestant may only compete in as many preliminary contests as he/she chooses, but only once per contest. First place winners may not compete in any of the remaining preliminary contests in any contest cycle.

  3. Contest winners earn the right to compete, at their own expense, to the next level of competition. In no case may any person compete in the next higher level of competition who has not earned the right to do so.

  4. For a person to compete, he/she must arrive at the host establishment at the designated time to enter. The host establishment may limit the number of performances - First come, first served.

  5. If a contestant qualifies performing a solo act, the contestant is not limited to performing a solo act in the next higher level of competition.

  6. Each performance must not exceed five minutes. If props are used, contestants are allowed two (2) minutes for setup and (2) minutes for tear-down. No fire acts are allowed (unless first authorized by the host establishment).

  7. Each contestant must supply a good quality CD recording for their performance.

  8. Each contestant or group must use microphones for all lip sync performances.

  9. Judging is based on the following four categories: A) Lip Sync Ability; B) Appearance; C) Use of Microphone; and D) Audience Response. Each category is given a score of one (1) to ten (10), with ten being the best. The decision of the judges is final. If for any reason judges are not used, an applause meter or other electronic voting devise may be used to determine the winners.

  10. All contestants, parents, friends and coaches must display good sportsmanship and good manners at all events. Judges, staff and directors must be treated with respect at all times.

  11. The host establishment reserves the right to reject or refuse entry to the contest or their establishment to anyone that is detrimental to the high ideals and standards of the contest or host establishment.

  12. Violation of any Rules and Regulations described herein by any contestant shall be grounds for disqualification from that day’s contest.

  13. This contest is only open to amateurs. Paid professional impersonators under contract may not enter and will be disqualified from competition.

Judging is based upon the following criteria: each category is given a one to ten score.

a) Lip Sync Ability: The ability to mouth the words of a song, performed in perfect synchronization as it is reproduced on a recording, creating the illusion that the person or group is actually performing the song on stage in concert. Precise synchronization between the sound and performer is critical. When a word or note is being sustained for a long period of time, the performer must exhibit, as part of his/her lip-syncing skills, the same amount of tension or energy which it takes to actually sing the song. Spoken words should be recognized.

b) Appearance: Originality of costume design and how well the costume, hair style and accessories match the look or actions of the original artist being recreated is paramount to the performance. The performer must use facial expressions, gestures and choreography which simulates the likeness of the original performer(s).

c) Use of Microphone: Management of the microphone is a very crucial component to the lip-syncing performance. The management of the microphones being used by all members of the act in a lip sync performance must be the same as if the performer(s) is actually singing into the microphone in a live performance.

d) Audience Response: Stimulate audience response, i.e. applause. If all of the above criteria are done properly, the audience should be attentive to the performance and show their enthusiasm by their applause.

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NOTE: These Rules and Regulations are subject to change without notice. Check with your Lip Sync Coordinator for changes.

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